Moments on our Journey

Bic Homemade white bread.

Baking a Simple Loaf of Bread at Home (Sourdough)

Making a simple loaf of bread at home. We're in lockdown and many are trying to home bake bread. It seems complicated. It's easy! Read on...

A fresh Red Rosebud in the green leaves

First Flower – A Red Rose

First flower. It's spring! A spot of red in the green leaves and buds. .

St Colmans Cathedral dominates the skyline at Cobh in Ireland

St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland

As you approach the town of Cobh, across the waters of Cork Harbour, St Colman's Cathedral totally dominates the skyline.

Working from home for the first time in the Coronavirus lockdown? Here are a few tips.

Coronavirus Lockdown – Working from Home

Working from home. With the lockdown many are working from home for the first time. It's not always as easy, or as laid back as you think.

Sunset over a Tenby Street

Sunset on a Tenby Street

A sunset Tenby street seen on our summer holiday in Tenby. The pink colours of the clouds in the sky looked great with the colours and lights in the street.

Breaking wave in the Umdloti sunrise

Breaking Wave in the Sunrise

A breaking wave in the sunrise light, with spray in the air. Great morning view at Umdloti in kwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Old Buildings – Layers of London

Old buildings feature in many parts of the London cityscape. Generally, as London has grown, there is a mix of old and new. Like this.

A bit of Durban skyline from the pier. 

Part of the Durban Skyline, looking back from the new pier at the Bay of Plenty. Amazing how much is still there from 40 years ago.

Seashell Sun and Sea

Seashell on a Sunny Beach

A seashell on a sunny beach.The patterns cast by the sun shining through the moving seawater caught my eye, and here's the image.

Simple sourdough bread in a dutch oven

Simple Sourdough Bread – a Journey

A simple sourdough bread. Home baking sourdough bread looks complicated, but anyone can make it at home, fitting into your lifestyle.

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