Beach Sunrise - Shapes in the Dawn

Beach Sunrise in Nerja

As we arrived at the beach in the blue hour, these shapes were begging for a picture.
Pedallo boats on the beach in Nerja, Spain.

A Beach Sunrise in Nerja

At the right time and place a part of the trip which I really enjoy is to catch the beach sunrise (as in the Beach Sunrise gallery). On this particular morning, as we approached Nerja beach in the blue hour, these shapes simply stood out and had to be photographed.

The shapes are actually the ladders and slides on a number of small pleasure boats drawn up on the beach sand.

There is something about being out and about on the beach as the dawn lights up the day, and there are no crowds around. There can also be interesting subjects in the dawn which you won’t see in the daylight. Do your photography a favour and get out early on your summer holidays and catch the beach sunrise.

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