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Working on the iPad

Working on the “big” screen in the garden. On holiday.


Early IT Career

Suffice to say that I was earning a living in IT a couple of years before there were PCs! Of course that was a long time before the internet came along. Along the journey I developed some useful knowledge of many areas of IT, and people who use IT, including the UNIX and, later, Linux world. But that’s the past. The modern world of cloud computing is far more interesting.

Cloud Computing

More recently I have been a big part of delivering cloud technology in a large SME environment. In my day job I manage that environment. That has taken me deeper into the world of “always on” connectivity, and all of the issues involved in keeping users connected to systems wherever they are.

Always Connected, Cross-Platform Information Technology

In the background, largely at a personal level, I have long believed in the possibilities of cross-platform information sharing. I should be able to make a note, or take a photo on a device, be it mobile phone or tablet, and then go home or to my office and simply switch on a different device and work on that note or photo. I do that all the time now. In order to achieve that I have developed useful knowledge of products like Evernote, OneNote, IFTTT, cloud storage, and the many apps which make it feasible to work away from a home base without a full on computer.

It IS possible to generate a photo blog post from a mobile phone. It is totally possible to administer a Windows server from the same device. It’s simply a matter of the right apps and a bit of thought.

Alongside that, goes the whole question of making use of the web, With a couple of web marketing diplomas completed, that is now down to making it work.

The Future

The future is simple, though perhaps not that easy to achieve: apply that knowledge get out from the 9 to 5 to where I can work from wherever I am. If you are interested in using my knowledge, contact me.




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