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It’s About Travel, Photos and Good Food

It’s pretty simple really. Growing up and living in Zimbabwe, travel was about long drives to the South African coast and extended family. And many bush camping trips (not safaris – just us in a vehicle camping in a campsite). Then we moved to the UK and started over, with a few camping trips and a few B & B trips. Then the kids grew up and went their own way. Then we went to Santorini. And the travel bug really bit!

We travel when we can, always planning the next jaunt. We’re working on ways to travel more. “We” is my wife and I, and whoever may come along. The aim:

  • Travel as much as possible;
  • Take photos;
  • Eat good food.

We like to travel as, shall we say, a more mature couple. Backpacking is not the way. Been there, done that, and I am informed that if I want to do that I go alone! We enjoy a bit of comfort, though we’re more than happy to go self catering. We both enjoy good, well cooked, food and love to sample the local fare.

Of the pair of us, I am the photographer, generally lugging a DSLR or two along, though mobile phone photography and processing has become an interesting space. I am also the geek, which come from a long career in IT – see more on my “The Hairy1 & Technology” page.

And don’t forget the logo – a green acacia from our native Zimbabwe. An “umbrella tree”. The idea: sitting comfortably in its shade watching the world go by. In time …

“Life is a journey. Travel safe, take a camera, and always eat well” – the Hairy 1.




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  1. 🙂 At least you don’t have 20 years worth of negatives and transparencies waiting to be scanned. The break to digital for me corresponded, more or less, with the move to the UK.
    I need to do a lot of scanning and writing. “Southern Africa” (above) is Zim, and camping was, well, we never made it to Gona re Zhou, but went pretty well all over Zimbabwe, and I always managed to find SOME film.

    Your photos are great. They evoke a lot of memories for me.

  2. Although always interested in photography, unlike you, growing up, we didn’t have a camera in our house.
    With the advent of the digital age, I bought a fujipix happy snapper and I LOVED it! And then a Panasonic and another!
    Then I wrote a book and discovered I had to promote it – so had to Facebook, and tweet! After posting my pics – I discovered people preferred my photos to my writing!

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