Sunset over the ocean


Sunset. The end of the day. A time of slowing down ready for the evening. Here’s a small gallery of sunsets seen from different places.

Dundee Sunset

An incredible sunset taken many years ago in Dundee, South Africa. Shot this originally on transparency film, but it was on that had to be scanned. This was one of those times when I went […]

Leeds Spring Sunset

A spring sunset I couldn’t resist, even if only taken with a mobile phone. Work put me in a hotel near Leeds. Taking a walk before dinner, this pretty suburban sunset with it’s vapour trails […]

Sunrise and Sunset Photo Galleries

Sometimes you see it, sometimes it’s spectacular, but there’s always a sunrise and sunset. Look at these fabulous sunrise and sunset galleries.

Red English Sunset


Beautiful sunset photos. They can be y=tricky in some places, but a good sunset photo is always good to add to my travel photo collection.