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5 Special Christmas Gift Ideas and a Discount

It’s Christmas. Here is a selection of beautiful photographic Christmas gift ideas delivered by top photo fulfilment site

Click on the links and browse through the many products available. All of these products are, of course, my own photographs.

A Tote Bag

Whether it’s taking books to school, going to the beach or the supermarket put your stuff in one of these tote bags.

Buy tote bags as a “standard” size tote bag, as well as a carry-all pouch and a larger weekender tote bag.

  • Throw pillow with a Bazaruto Crab picture

A Throw Pillow

A special gift of a cushion or throw pillow. It’s a beautiful picture which will always be seen on a couch or chair.

Buy a throw pillow in one of six different sizes with or without the pillow insert.

That's a round beach towel

Beach Towels

It may be winter in the Northern hemisphere, but “down south” it’s beach weather. Or maybe you just want to be prepared for your summer holidays.
Buy a couple of our distinctive beach towels for the family as a normal beach towel, a larger beach sheet, or a special round beach towel.

A distinctive iPhone coverArchipelago beach phone charger

Phone Covers and Batteries

It’s great to have a distinctive, recognisable and unusual phone or backup supply.

Choose from a wide selection of phone covers, for iPhones and Galaxy phones, as well as power packs for your mobiles.

London Eye Greeting Card

Distinctive Greeting Cards

A greeting card, carefully chosen and sent to someone special shows that person they are special to you.
Choose from a range of unusual cards.

20% Discount

All of the products linked to this page are subject to a 20% discount until 31 December 2016, provided that you use the discount code LMMSTE.

And, if in doubt, simply click through to my galleries. There you can browse all of the above products and many more, including shower curtains, duvet covers and the rest.

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