River Festival

As we drove in, queueing for parking, objective number one was clearly in sight – the Jabberwocky’s green van. But we knew before we left home how that would go: brunch split between one of those excellent Jabberwocky toasties and then lamb and salsa verde from the Slow Roasted Meat Kitchen. Of course it’s the […]

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Devil in the Bog of Doom

Hell Run

 A walk in the countryside is always good and never to be turned down except, of course, when there is a gale blowing, or it’s raining or snowing. So not many countryside walks happen at this time of the year, especially in the current winter weather in the UK. A run is always something someone […]

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Mud Sweat and Beers Mud Run

Photo Madness

At the finish after 10km. Saturday morning and I was sitting with a cup of coffee, prepping camera gear for the morning’s shoot. I started speculate on the madness of what I was going to shoot – a bunch of people running 10 km through various obstacles including mud and water on a cold and […]

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Hog Roast - the pig

Summer’s End 2013

Hog Roast © 2013 hairy1travels.com / Jeremy Hayden Photography Back to school, back to work, end of the summer holidays. Although the British weather seems to be extending

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