Dundee Sunset

An incredible sunset taken many years ago in Dundee, South Africa. Shot this originally on transparency film, but it was on that had to be scanned. This was one of those times when I went outside and ther it was. The picture just had to be taken. #h1t #sunset #southafrica #kwazulunatal #red #sundown via Instagram […]

Leeds Spring Sunset

A spring sunset I couldn’t resist, even if only taken with a mobile phone. Work put me in a hotel near Leeds. Taking a walk before dinner, this pretty suburban sunset with it’s vapour trails just had to be captured. This is another mobile phone photo. If I had taken the time to get the […]

Sunrise and Sunset Photo Galleries

Sometimes you see it, sometimes it’s spectacular, but there’s always a sunrise and sunset. Look at these fabulous sunrise and sunset galleries.

Red English Sunset


A great sunset is a unique daily event.

Beautiful Oxfordshire sunset

Summer Sunset

A beautiful Oxfordshire summer sunset seen while walking along the Oxford Canal. Taken in the warm UK summer of 2013 near Aynho.

Throw pillow showing a boat in a Santorini sunset.

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Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill Sunset. We went to the windmill specifically to take photos in the sunset. As we drove there we could see the clouds coming up. Here’s what was left of the sunset by the time the sun actually went down. We did get some pretty good pictures around the windmill anyway. from 500px Chesterton […]

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